How do I remove Adobe Shockwave 12.0 and lower once 12.1 is installed?



  • Shane Corellian

    The Shockwave MSI will attempt to uninstall earlier versions of Shockwave that were installed with an MSI. The versions you speak of were probably installed via the Shockwave EXE. Go to PDQ Inventory and select one of the old versions (in the Applications panel of a computer). Right click an old Shockwave and select Uninstall. At the end of the Remote Command add a /S to the command. Try uninstalling. 

    Here is an example



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  • Bob Turner

    Thanks!  This worked like a charm.  I've got the installs whittled down to my "problem children" now.  Hopefully once we have everything so that it has been installed with PDQ Deploy, these types of issues will go away.


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