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Need a way to populate a custom Item field for a static group of devices


What I would like to accomplish is to add a value to a custom item that I have created called "CSI Schedule" for over 4000 devices.

Rather than going through 4000+ devices and manually entering in the value, I created a series of dynamic groups called "Schedule XX"  These are populated based on when they are due on a leasing swap schedule.  As I reference a webpage determining what devices go to what schedule I group them and drop them into the appropriate "Schedule XX".  I was hoping that I could then highlight all of the devices in group, run my remote command tool and have each of them get populated with a value I add into the command.

In the attached screenshot I have highlighted 42 devices that are in the Schedule 22 group.  Can a remote command be written that would populate all 42 devices with the "CSI Schedule" custom item value of 22??

If you can think of a better way to put these in I am open for ideas but I believe I had posed a question similar to this and wanted to import values from an excel spredsheet but my reply from you guys was that it couldn't be done.   PLEASE the interim you can catch me manually entering in 4000 values manually :(

Admin Arsendal Capture for custom items population.JPG


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  • How about running a remote command against the collection to set an environment variable? PDQI already queries environment variables.

  • Thanks Colby but what would the command look like and how do I know to populate the environment variable called "CSI Schedule"?  Sorry not real good with command lines.

  • SETX CSI_Schedule 22 /m

    I attached a screenshot with an example of filters you can use in a report.

  • Thanks again Colby but that would be filtering,  what I was needing to accomplish is getting a group of devices together that have the same leasing schedule number in common (data not put in as of yet), then taking that group (may include 50-100 devices) and running a command to populate the custom item field called "CSI Leasing Schedule" with a value of 22.

    1. Right-click on the collection, hover over Tools, select Remote Command
    2. Type this into the Command box: "SETX CSI_Schedule 22 /m"
    3. Hit Run

    This will not set the Custom Item, it will set an Environment Variable that the Standard scan will pick up. This is sort of a hack, but it does not appear to be possible to set a Custom Item on a group of computers without running a SQL query.

  • IT WORKED...well except on XP machines.  THANKS !!