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Inventory scan by IP range

Is it possible to have PDQ Inventory scan an IP range and add the computers that it finds to a new collection?  We have several labs that are not in active directory and I would like to be able to query them from PDQ Inventory.  Thanks for any  help you can assist with.



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  • Please answer to this request.

    We also use PDQ Deployment and PDQ Inventroy Enterprise.

    At least for PDQ Inventory it is absolutely necessary to have the possibility to scan IP ranges. We have several networks that are not allowed to interact with AD DNS but also need to be count for licensing reasons.

  • Currently there is no way to scan by IP address/range without also using DNS (either during or after the original discovery).

    The way around this is to install PDQ Inventory in each unique network/subnet.

    For example, I have one domain and 10 discrete labs, meaning that they are not connected to each other or to the domain. I have my main Inventory installed in my domain, it picks up all the machines, life is good.

    Now, I need an inventory of the 10 labs and to deploy to those labs. In this case, I install PDQ Inventory on a machine (and Deploy) in each lab. Each instance of PDQ Inventory will pick up its respective lab's computers.

    From that inventory, I can then deploy based on whatever criteria I have. But, rather than configure PDQ Deploy 10 different times, all I need to do is set up my deployments in one lab then export the packages to USB and then import the packages to the other 9 Deploy instances.

    Obviously the above is made much easier if all your labs are connected, even if not on the domain.

  • Hi PDQ,

    I tried configure IP address and Computer name on 2 PC on both subnet and on file hosts at system32>>driver>>etc. After that I use PDQ Inventory scan PC.

    I see PDQ inventory scanned and receive IP address on PC difference subnet.

    My environment working is non Domain, we have not AD and DNS local, so PDQ inventory might just scan IP address and return IP address, not return Computer name (We have not DNS local) ???

    If yes, Do you send me guide configure PDQ Inventory scan PC non domain, non DNS local and difference subnet.