Dynamic collection for Java 7 and Java 8

Is there a way to build a dynamic collection to show computers that have java 7 and java 8 installed? I've been looking for an "and" option but am not seeing it.






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  • Refer to the Collection below. To see another breakdown of Collection and Report filters check out this post.

    BTW: This is one of the few times that I would not use a "version ..." comparison when evaluating a version. In this case, Starts With is succinct and efficient.


  • That's great! Thank you so much!


    Now if I can only figure out why Java 8 is failing on 99% of my attempts to install I'd be all set.

  • What problems are you seeing with Java 8? Are your deployments hanging? Are you getting error 1603? Did you build your own package or are you using the Java 8 from the Package Library?

  • 1603's on 99% of my attempts

    I worked with Jason Hanks on ticket number 30655 if you want to take a look. I've tried the alternate package as well with no luck.

    Very frustrating considering I do not have issues deploying everything else.




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