Company Wide Change of Default Gateway

My company is switching our default gateway over in a few weeks and we wanted the ability to scan for machines that haven't been updated by DHCP to the new gateway.  Does Inventory have the ability to scan for this?



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  • Hi Nathan,

    A custom registry scanner is the way to obtain the information you need.  Import the attached Report and Scan Profile.  Scan your computers with the profile named "Registry TCP/IP parameters".  Then run the report named "Default Gateway".

    To further limit the output from the report you can add another filter.  Replace with your gateway's IP address.

  • Awesome.  Thank you for your help with this.  I was able to use this and it worked great.

  • Can you please post the profile again? I'm not able to see the attachment.


  • Hi Charley Horn,

    i'm interested too by the having a dynamic collection based on the default Gateway from the computer.

    can you send me please the scan profile to do this ?


    Best regards



  • This will be a little better for Posterity sake:

    Here are some screen shots of setting up the scan profile:

    Go to Preferences and Create a New scanner:

    Setup the Scan profile like this:

    Scan a host or hosts with the new scanner and look for this data in the Registry section when you open up a host, only one interface will have a DHCP Gateway entry (in most cases, your mileage may vary):

    You can then create a report with computer name, and DHCP Address!


  • I dont show the report attached. Is this something you could provide again? I am looking to run a report to find default gateway for about 1500 machines.



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