Update Name button problem



  • Jason Hanks

    Hi J D,

    Sorry that you're seeing that behavior in your console.  We're trying to replicate this behavior in our lab environment here unsuccessfully so far.  Can you let us know what version of PDQ Inventory you're seeing this on so we can dig further into this?


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  • Jon Densem

    Thanks for following up, Jason.  I'm using PDQ Inventory v4.3.0.0 in Enterprise mode.  I may have been mistaken about what happened.  I'll try and list all of the steps that led to this issue:


    1. A XP computer named PETER was deployed years ago, added to Active Directory and added to PDQ Inventory.

    2. We deploy a new computer called PETER-7 with Windows 7.  PETER-7 gets added to PDQ Inventory, and PETER gets removed from PDQ.

    3. During Active Directory cleanup, PETER is deleted from AD.  PETER-7 is then renamed to PETER in AD, and updated successfully in PDQ Inventory.

    4. The PETER Windows 7 PC gets a virus and needs to be re-imaged.  This re-imaged PC is named PETER-VIRUS and it is added successfully to PDQ Inventory again.  PETER is deleted from PDQ.

    5. In the time period between steps 4 and 6, PDQ Inventory was upgraded from version 3  to version  Unsure if this is relevant, but I thought I'd note this.

    6. PETER-VIRUS is renamed on the network to PETER.  PETER-VIRUS no longer exists within Active Directory.  Upon renaming PETER-VIRUS to PETER in PDQ Inventory by going to Open Computer > Update Name button, the name changes to PETER within this Computer Details window, but still shows as PETER-VIRUS in the All Computers list under the main PDQ Inventory window.


    I hope that's understandable!  I've only recently upgraded to v4.3.0.0 from version 3, so I haven't been using the Update Name button feature for very long.

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  • Brigg Angus

    If there was an issue, it has likely been corrected. Update Name will only work on computers that exist, as it checks to see if the name resolves via DNS and (if that fails) NetBIOS. So in the case of Step 6, PETER-VIRUS, if not updated, would do so at the next AD scan unless a remnant of it remained in DNS as, say, a static entry. As to why it didn't update immediately, it could be that same static DNS entry issue (unlikely), a failed refresh of the All Computers (or collection) window, or an undying affection for the name PETER-VIRUS.

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