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Software not Installed

I am trying to find laptops that have not had Cisco VPN installed using dynamic collection


I have a parent collection for only laptops, that works great, but we recently had to push out Cisco AnyConnect to laptops.  I am wanting to see which devices do not have it.  I have provided my collection and then what the application shows up under the apps





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  • I think if you just change that 'All' filter to 'Not Any', you should get what you're after.  Here's a screenshot of a collection I've got where I'm searching for any computer that doesn't have the Bomgar client deployed yet.  The first rule in the list tells it to not show any computers that Inventory hasn't scanned yet.

  • Brian is correct. A detailed explanation of how to find machines that are missing certain apps can be found here. The comments in that post are also very informative.