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PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy

I am looking to see if it is possible to have PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy installed on separate VMs (both within the same domain) yet still be able to use the Enterprise functionality of Inventory (deploy software packages from the Inventory screens). 

It seems counter-intuitive to structure the systems like this but we want to minimalize error from untrained I.S. users when using the deployment tool.




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  • Hi Derek, PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory will need to be installed on the same system in order to be used together. There is no central repository that the PDQ consoles connect to.

  • Are we still unable to install PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy on separate systems, or has this improvement been implemented?  Scaling out is much easier than having to scale up as an organization grows.

    The ideal scaling solution would be to separate the PDQ Inventory Service, and PDQ Deploy Service into multiple core systems.  Each would be assigned OUs and/or Subnet Ranges to be authoritative for.  Consoles for the services would be installed separately for administrators to use - separating the front end from a distributed back-end.  With this, I would be able to setup PDQ worker nodes geographically for different regions while not suffering from painful slowdown at the console.

  • I run my PDQ Inventory and Deploy on different machines using client/server mode.  Works like a champ.  I also use DFS for my repository and all packages are pulled instead of pushed.


  • Do your Inventory and Deploy systems talk to each other?

    i.e.  If you run a deployment, does Inventory pick that up and store it under "Deployments" on the target system?

  • Absolutely