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A way to pull battery info?

In particular the model number of the battery.  Equivalent to this WMI command:

wmic path Win32_battery get name

I know I can do it via script, but I'm curious if this is possible in PDQ Inventory. 




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  • Hi Michael,

    At the current time there is not and custom wmi scans don't exist at the moment so to answer your question there is no native way to do this with our current product.

  • I see that this was a question 3 to 4 years ago is there still no way to do this

  • One thing I have been using is the command "POWERCFG /BATTERYREPORT /OUTPUT "C:%computername%_BatteryReport.html" and I use that as a quick reference to the battery. It would be nice if I could get PDQ Inventory to store it and that way I don't have to have access to the machine to view it.

    I currently have it as a task in PDQ Deploy for when I get issues reported. Run that and connect to that computer to view or save it to a network share for review.

  • Hi,

    There is a CIMV2\win32_battery that can be used via WMI.

    You can probably create a Scanner Profile for that in PDQ Inventory? You can create a PowerShell using Get-WmiObject win32_battery?

    Then scan machines with that scan profile in PDQ and you can then run a basic report choosing the WMI filter and then get the scanned data that way.

    Haven't made a WMI Scan Profile for Win32_Battery myself so not sure how the WQL Query have to be like but that is what I found.

    Regards, Timmel

  • This seems to be working fine for me.

    WMI Battery Settings