Some of my computers do not have AD info...



  • SelfMan

    Hi Joe, is it possible that these machines are cloned?

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  • Brigg Angus

    There can be several issues that would cause this behavior:

    • You want to check the Active Directory settings in Inventory. Here’s a short, but thorough review of the settings: Sync PDQ Inventory with Active Directory.
    • Since this isn’t consistent and is only impacting a few machines, you want to check missing machines themselves. Check to see if the behavior continues when you remove one from the domain and add it again (you might have meant that when you said you deleted the computer and added it again, it wasn’t clear if it was AD or Inventory).
    • Check DNS. Run the usual tests of nslookup (are their multiple IP addresses?), check nbtstat –A to ensure the netbios name and domain are listed in the table.
    • Run dcdiag /v /c /d /e and output that to a text file. Check for errors (you can ignore syslog errors).

    If all of the above isn’t helpful, the next step is to install Inventory on another machine (use the default AD settings, or those recommended in the video above) and see if you get different results than on the current Inventory console. If the results are different, what’s different between that machine and the console? If the results are the same, then it’s likely related to Active Directory and more digging would be required.

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