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  • Shane Corellian

    When you say you are running it as the local user do you mean in PDQ Deploy you are running the Command Step as Logged On User?

    If not, then that is what you'd want to do. Just make sure that no other mapping mechanism resets the map (such as a GPO or login script).

    To be honest, I'd recommend using a GPO since drive mappings are usually performed at the User level.

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  • Chris Cunningham

    Yes this correct, running as the Logged on User.  I basically built a package that ran:

    net use U: /delete /y

    net use U: \\storagedevice\shared\userfolder

    Where the shared file contains all of the said personal user folders.  Those commands run A-Ok when sitting at the station but running them through Deploy isn't returning the same results even when run as the logged on user, Deploy returns a success code but the operation actually isn't taking place for some reason..

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  • SelfMan

    Chris, you did not pick the important information from Shane's comment. Drive mapping is performed at the USER LEVEL or USER CONTEXT.

    That means, that the mapping is done per user. i.e. Joe can have U:\ at \\serverver1\share\joe while at the same time Jack will have his U:\ drive at \\server2\share\jack

    is this clear now? let me know.

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  • Kris Powell

    Chris, did you have any luck getting your package to work yesterday? Let us know if you're still running into any issues and we'll be happy to work through any remaining issues.


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