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Chromebooks in PDQ

I work for a school district and we are going heavily into the chromebook environment and we are looking at some inventory systems to use. I am currently testing PDQ and the inventory system works great for our windows machines, but we are using less and less of those. I was wondering if anyone used this system for chromebooks or had any tips for using this with non windows machines.





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  • At this time PDQ Inventory only works with Windows Operating Systems.

  • Now that PDQ Inventory has been updated to version 8, the release notes say that we can scan and inventory non-Windows devices. So, like this original poster, how do you add Chromebooks or Apple iPads?

  • Hi Manley,

    Inventory 8 has the ability to store non Windows devices (either imported from AD or manually entered). They cannot, however, be scanned in the conventional sense.

    The purpose for this feature was to allow certain devices to be included in PDQ Inventory even though they can't be scanned. Many customers had these devices showing up from Active Directory synching and wanted to have certain data available (such as OS). They also wanted to have it configured so that these non-windows devices didn't have scans attempted (since the scans would fail). 

    These devices can have certain properties set such as OS, OS Name, OS Version, MAC Address, Chassis and any Custom Fields you have defined.

    Here is an example of a computer window for a Linux machine. The blue outline are items that can be manually entered.


  • Just looking for an update - is it possible to scan Chromebooks yet? Is that a possibility at all in the future?