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Reinstall of a pc

When you re-install a pc with the same name, do you need to delete the succesful installations in the schedules or is it sufficient to do a rescan of the machine?

When a pc is reinstalled, I don't get the packages automaticly.




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  • Yes, that computer name will need to be removed from the Computer History of the schedules. If you only have a few schedules to hit then I would recommend just going in and deleting the computer from each of those schedules. If you have a lot of schedules then you could delete that computer name from all schedules by running an SQL command.

    If you choose to run this command please be very careful

    Go to Preferences > Database. Open the SQLite Console. To remove a computer called slapshot from the computer history of all schedules you could run the following command:

    delete from ScheduleComputers where name like 'slapshot';

    Don't forget to use the semicolon at the end of the command.