Adobe Acrobat XI Version Variable Question

We are running Adobe Acrobat XI Standard and push the latest updates out to our users via PDQ Deploy.  I reference the collection group "Adobe Acrobat XI (Old)" in PDQ Inventory for the scheduled deployment that I have set up to run once a week.  I noticed after the latest update that Adobe released, "AcrobatUpd11011.msp", that the update was not being pushed out to the computers.  I tracked it down to the system variable in PDQ Inventory that the collection group references, "$(AppVerAdobeAcrobatXI)".  It is still set to 11.0.10.  The system variable for Adobe Acrobat Reader XI is correctly set to 11.0.11.  I have tried to manually sync PDQ Inventory over the past couple of days but it hasn't updated to the correct version yet. 

Can you check to see if the correct version is in your system and if so, can you help me troubleshoot why PDQ Inventory is not updating on my end?  Otherwise I can set up a Custom Collection Group for this but would rather just go with what is already set up in PDQ Inventory if possible. Or if there is a better way to do this, please let me know.

I am running PDQ Deploy version Enterprise Mode and PDQ Inventory version Enterprise Mode.

Any help is appreciated.


 Bob Turner

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  • Hi Bob,

    I apologize for the delay in responding. That version hadn't been updated on our end. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. It has been updated. Your console should be updated with the new version within 2 hours or you can close and reopen PDQ Inventory to force the Collection Library to refresh.


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