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From what I gathered reading the help it seems like my deployment should work as planned but it does not appear to be so please advise.  I have setup a deployment and scheduled it with an attached schedule that is based upon a heartbeat trigger linked to a PDQ Inventory Collection.  PDQ Inventory is set to heartbeat every 300 seconds so I expected that after a new machine shows up in a collection within 10 minutes or hopefully less the heartbeat would have run against the machine which would kick off the deployment.  Is this the intention and am I setting it up correctly to accomplish this deployment?


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  • One more thing I forgot to mention in the above post is this does work if I choose start schedule manually in PDQ Deploy, but if I manually force a heartbeat on the collection it does not seem to kick the deployment off.


    Thanks again

  • Actually the trigger is when a computer goes from offline status to online in Inventory. This is primarily due to the heartbeat mechanism. Only moving from an offline status will trigger the deployment.

  • Shane,


    Thanks for the quick reply.  That may work fine.  Is there any other recommended method that may work any better?  My collection is set to include any computers that contain a certain ip 6 address used with Microsoft Direct Access and I am trying to catch these machines when online and inventory them and run a few small apps if possible automatically.  This method actually has caught 9 so far so seems to be working even though I thought it wasn't at first.


    Thanks again,

  • Another option is the Retry Queue. You can see some videos here.


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