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Laptop Computers - Need to know how they are connected

I have a dynamic collection, for all my laptops, however I would like to have 2 sub collections that drill down from the top, I would like to have a sub collection for Wired and Wireless.


How can I get this done in PDQ Inventory?



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  • Is the wireless network on a separate subnet?



  • Jeff's question is also the answer. While it may be possible to rig up a script that looks up hardware IDs located in the registry comparing them to a value of wireless networking manufacturers then assigning a value and passing that... Never mind, I'm already exhausted.

    So, in most cases, your wireless clients will be on a different networks/subnets than your wired connections. If that’s the case, you can create dynamic collections based on IP address.

    Depending on your DHCP DNS registration settings and DNS scavenging settings, you might have machines with both IP networks listed by DNS, which would then place the laptop in both groups, assuming they move back and forth between the wired and wireless networks. This is something to be aware of when setting up your collections so if you do run into issues, you can address that in DHCP/DNS.