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PDQ Inventory not waking clients on WLAN

I'm trying to configure Wake on Wireless LAN for our newer laptops that support that feature.  I have made the registry change and enabled the WLAN driver to wake the computer.  In the BIOS I have set the WiFi adapter to only wake with a magic packet (the options were to wake on any packet or a magic packet).  Obviously I don't want it turning on unless I tell it to, so I set it to magic packet.  When I go to PDQ and send a Wake request nothing happens.  Does PDQ send an actual magic packet?  Has anyone gotten wake on wireless working?  I have the same issue with both Win 7 PRO and Win 10 PRO clients.



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  • I would try setting the Wifi Adapter in the BIOS to accept any packet. It's unlikely the authors of the BIOS meant, "any packet" since your computer would never sleep given the chatty nature of a network. PDQ does send a magic packet, but NIC drivers and their configuration can be very particular about WOL events. It's better to go from the most promiscuous, decreasing the level of allowed packet access to what just works.

    Here's a link to Using WOL. Keep in mind that WOL will only work on machines that have been scanned previously by Inventory. WOL needs the IP and MAC of the machine.