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Missing Application Updates in Scan

When scanning the computer for applications, hotfixes, and updates, some of the application specific updates that are visible in Programs and Features > Installed Updates do not show up in PDQ Inventory under the Applications or Hotfixes sections when viewing the computer details.


Why is this? Am I missing something? Is there a way to get these to be visible?



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  • At this point the only updates that are natively scanned (in Hotfixes) are OS updates. We do have plans to incorporate non-OS updates (such as Office and .NET patches) to our native scanners.

    In the meantime there is a way for you do collect this info but it will require using some Registry scanners. You can do this from File > Preferences > Scan Profiles

    The paths to scan can return a lot of data, just an FYI. For each registry scanner (there are two) that I defined I placed the row limit to 6,000. That should be enough but you may need to increase it.



    The registry paths to scan are:



    The hives should be set to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Below is an example of the first registry scanner.



    You will need to scan all of your computers with this new or modified Scan Profile.

    To group computers based on a specific update you would use the Registry filter on a Collection or a Report.

    Here is an example of a Collection that filters out computers which have the Office 2013 patch KB3039734. 



    If you wanted to create a report that showed all Office 2013 security patches then you could use a filter like DisplayName contains "Security Update for Microsoft Office 2013" and then it would show you all the computers and patches with that string in the name.

  • Any update on when Office updates will be supported natively?  Was just trying to scan for a faulty Outlook update and wondered why I couldn't see it.  Will implement the workaround for now.

  • Hi David,

    Good news, scanning for Office updates will be released in an upcoming version of Inventory. I don't have a timeline, but it should be included in the next major version.