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Reports relative dates only in the future?

I'd like to make a report that shows all software installed the previous day.

I've added a filter for Application / Install Date / Equals and am trying to use Relative Date, but it can only go into the future, not the past. Is there any way to set the Relative Date to -1 day?

It works fine if I use Equals and select a Fixed Date, but I'd like to add this as an auto report and not have to change the date every day. Enterprise Mode if that matters - Thanks!



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  • I'd be keen to hear an answer for this too!

  • This is actually something being addressed in the new version of Inventory that we're working on now.  Until then the workaround is to set the values and then manually change them to "ago".   I'm attaching an example report that you can use and alter for your needs that will show any software installed in the last two days.  Keep in mind that if there are no install dates listed for the application then it won't show on the report.


  • Awesome! Many thanks!

  • Hi, yeah, I actually submitted this to support and got the answer from Jason - I should have come back and posted the solution.

    It's been working fine, there's just one oddity:


    All the report data is correct, but that date in the upper right seems locked at 9/1/2015. It's weird and maybe just an issue on our system, but the data is good!


  • Forgot to attach the image!