Users with Desktop and Laptop

I was asked if there is away to find any user that has a Desktop AND a Laptop assigned to them. 
Is there a way to query this via PDQ Inventory, perhaps by the username?



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  • In cases like this we recommend that you use Custom Fields (formerly called Custom Items). Create a Custom Field called something like User or Laptop User. Make it a Text field. Then in each computer simply go to the Custom Fields panel and enter the user name assigned to that laptop. This information will be stored in the Computers table and you will be able to show that field in a collection window and in a report.

    To create a custom field go to File > Preferences > Custom Fields.

    To display a custom field in your Collection windows go to FIle > Preferences > Collection Page and add the new User column.

  • Call me a simpleton and clearly this may not work for anyone but me, BUT, all our computer names begin with the either LP or DK (laptop/Desktop) and the asset number assigned to the machine (ie LP1234). Then the descriptions (both the computer and AD) begin with the 2 initials of the city the computer resides in (Chicago = CH) followed by a space, dash, space (to determine its location and not the beginning of someones name) then the name of the user of said machine, as that rarely changes for us (CH - Johnny Appleseed). It does take a bit of extra work maintaining the AD/computer descriptions but worth it for me. (Truth be told the DHCP reservation descriptions too). I've found a number of ways to make both changes remotely making the job much quicker should a large number of changes be required.  This was established long before I found PDQ Inventory and has made creating groups, etc. a breeze.

    Like a naked drunk on a Saturday night, just throwing it out there.

  • Thanks, Michael. Using the AD and Computer descriptions for this is brilliant.

  • Well . its all depend uopn requirements and needs.Lenovo Support Numberthey can use eithter laptop or printer.


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