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Is it possible to view the SQL of a basic report?

Good morning!  I'm writing some new reports using SQL this morning for our Inventory server.  Some of the items in these reports are things that are easily accomplished, or are default settings, with the basic report builder.

For example, one of my reports is showing total system memory in one column.  The basic editor reports in GB by default, the SQL editor reports in bytes by default.  I want the report showing GB, so I had to write out the conversion in my SQL.  I came up with the following -


CAST((((cast(Computers.Memory as bigint) /1024)/1024)/1024) AS DECIMAL(18,2)) as "Memory"


Which seems to be working fine.  Since the basic reports already use GB, I'm guessing they already perform this calculation.  It would be a huge time saver if there were a way to get to the underlying SQL that the basic reports are using. 

Is this currently possible, if not, can it be added to a future release?  Maybe keep the SQL as view only if viewing SQL of a basic report?  That would prevent people from breaking the default reports.


Thanks, guys.



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  • Hi Brian,

    It's not something that is very easily doable. It would actually be fairly difficult since the basic reports aren't passing in conventional SQL (at least any sense that would be easily readable). 


  • Ah, ok.  That answers that.  No problem.  Thanks for the info, Shane!