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Is there a way I can run a report to determine MS Office 2010 architecture?

been working on a office deployment  project  for this i will need to know what  architecture  of office is installed currently. i have  tried a few things but I've had no luck 



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  • Sorry for the delay in responding. I've been beating my head against a wall to get this done for you. My goal was to provide some comprehensive reports that wouldn't require additional registry or file scanners. 

    I was able to (I believe) nail this down with the exception of Office 2016.

    Inventory Pro or Enterprise is required to use these reports since they utilize the Uninstall string from the Applications scanner.

    Basically, these collections / reports look at the Application name, version, uninstall string and OS architecture. The 32-bit OS architectures are a slam dunk since the 64-bit Office can't be installed on them. The issue is with the 64-bit systems. By parsing the uninstall strings we can determine if the Office architecture is 32 or 64-bit.

    I did not test this on systems with Office 2007 and, as mentioned earlier, 2016 is a different beast altogether. 2016 will (as far as I can tell) definitely require some custom Registry scanners.

    Import the following attachments into PDQ Inventory. There will be two Reports and two Collections.

    I tested these on 2010 (standard and pro), 2013 (standard and pro) and Office 365 (2013 version 15x). 


  • You guys are awesome. I was looking for how to do this, and you already did it! Once again, a great time saver! I know more about the computers out on my network now than I ever did!

  • Hi, I need this as well.  Where can I find the attachments to download and import to PDQ Inventory?  Thanks.

  • same where can i find the attacments

  • I need this as well, where are the attachments?

  • Hi Guys,

    Not sure what happened to the original attachments and sorry for the delay in responding.  We have added the Office Bitness to the Collection Library for Office 201, 2013, and 2016.

  • This is great but what about Office 365 2016 version, Shane mentioned som custom Registry scanners, do you have any information regarding this?

  • Are there any plans to add the Office Bitness to the Collection Library for O365 Office 2016?