scanning for hotfix does not work



  • Brigg Angus

    Hi Christopher,

    Filtering logic is probably the more difficult topics, but worthwhile since it's pretty powerful.

    Here's why the first example failed (this is what you're saying Inventory to looks for):

    • ALL computers that are online AND
    • any hotfix name that does not equal KB2664888

    This last part means that if you have a hotfix with the name KB300500, this will be true. The only way this would result in what you want is if the only hotfix on any computer in your organization were KB2664888.

    The reason the second example (from the forums) works (not any) is because you're saying:

    • ALL computers that are online AND
    • none of those hotfixes contain the name KB2664888

    This last part means that none of the hotfixes can have the name, which is different than the above, which is saying any hotfix doesn't have that name.

    You can do the same thing with the above to meet your requirements:

    • All Computers that are online
    • Any hotfix that contains the name KB2664888

    I hope that explains filtering a little better.

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  • Christopher Mahr

    thanks for the Explanation!

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