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Sharing Collections and Reports

I just tried to setup the collections and reports sharing without success and after watching your posted video about sharing collections and reports I see why its not working. In the video you say that shared databases cannot be shared to the same user account.


I have three separate buildings, I want to setup PDQ on one server at each building. I would then like to share my reports and collections in a way that I can make changes to the main database and the changes to shared reports/collections would be the same in all three locations.

I'm only one user, you're saying I have to purchase two more licenses for myself? if not how do I get this setup?



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  • Hi,

    You are correct that the sharing features in our products are designed for multiple Enterprise licenses under one account.  You can purchase additional licenses and use different emails to register for each console but additional licenses are needed.

  • that doesn't make much sense, it goes against how your licenses are. The license is not per building its per Tech but just for this one feature you require multiple licenses for the same tech?

  • @Mmuni, almost all of the features in PDQ are for single admin environments. We do have a number of customers who have more than one admin and the most common request of these customers is for data sharing between their different users. As such some features in PDQ Enterprise versions will only be available to licensed multiple users. I can see how, in your situation as a single admin with multiple consoles, that you could benefit from the same features, however this is by design and we do not currently plan on changing it.

  • Yeah I, see in PDQ Deploy it says that it requires Multi-User Enterprise License.

    So let me ask one question, It's saying it knows I don't have multiple Enterprise licenses and the feature is disabled. What if I have an enterprise license and want to share a package with another tech that works at a different location within the same school district? Same network, different locations and we each have our own enterprise license... the feature is still disabled because we didn't purchase them together?


    Also maybe update the section describing the different licenses where it says Enterprise license enable ALL features of PDQ Deploy.

  • In the example posed in your question, you have two enterprise licenses because our licensing model is based on the number of admins accessing the software. It's assumed the school district purchased those licenses since you both work for the same district (if not, the licenses could be combined into the parent organization).

    In this case, you would have a registered email ("user") for you and one for the remote tech (this can be done through the Customer Portal or by us). Your copy is "registered" to you (Preferences -> License) and the other copy is "registered" to the remote tech.

    At this point, the sharing between admins may commence.

    Does that answer your question?

  • The school District does not purchase the licenses for us. We have to try and get one of the schools to purchase for us and the schools each have to purchase under their own schools name if you can get them to somehow come up with the money to get it at all (most can't/wont).