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I've created a filter for TightVNC. I've added a screenshot of my rules. But sometimes I get pc's where 2 lines of TightVnc are showed and one of them has the correct version. How do I set this that these pc's aren't shown?





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  • Hi Jo,

    There are two answers depending on the situation. What I suspect you are seeing is that a computer has two applications that both contain the word TightVNC. Below you can see the computer, Costanza, has two applications that contain the word TightVNC. Both applications are valid since one is the version of the Mirage TightVNC driver.



    In this case you would want to change your Comparison of the Application Name filter from Contains to Equals or Starts With



    Now if you do have two applications called TightVNC with different versions (in other words the Application Name for both equals TightVNC) then you have a problem. First off, you shouldn't see this in an ideal world. This behavior usually means that the application-in-question didn't properly clean up (or upgrade) the old version during an upgrade. This happened in Sep. 2015 with Adobe Flash. 

    To get around this (apart from cleaning it up on the target computer) from a filtering point of view would be to create a child Filter Group which excludes machines that have both the correct version and an older. Below is an example where any machine showing TightVNC 2.7.10 AND an older version would be excluded from the collection.



  • Hi Shane, you're amazing. It was your first suggestion that did the trick. Thanks a lot!

  • Just wanted to say thanks as well. This is just what I need to fix filtering for an update I just put out this past weekend.


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