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What are you adding to custom tools?

What is everyone adding to their custom tools? I attached a screenshot of mine tools list and would like to know what you all are adding to perform tasks faster.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 2.47.54 PM.png


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  • Here are mine. How often do you use the Delete AD Account tool? Do you use that to delete the selected computer account?


  • yes I use the AD Account delete a few times a month, I find it much faster to locate and delete the account through PDQ Inventory because its limited just to my sites, and does not include the 300+ other locations throughout the school district. I just made a Script that accepts the computer name passed to it and then it removes that account.

  • I thought I would also show how I am calling a few of my Custom Tools.




    Active Directory Users and Computers (Must have AD tools on console computer)



    Restart Remote DNS Client (calls psservice.exe from Sysinternals)



  • Yeah I did similar with DameWare and use Ctrl + D. I use this one countless times throughout the day.

  • I've created 2 custom tools, would love to see what other people have made. Mine are below.

    1. GPUpdate

        Uses PsExec to remotely force a Group Policy update on the target computer.

        %windir%\pstools\psexec.exe \\%TARGET% -i gpupdate

    2. Rename Computer

        Uses a quick PowerShell script i made that walks you through renaming a computer           remotely. You may need some Group Policies set in order to use PS remotely.

      powershell Invoke-Command %TARGET% -File "\\Server\Folder\RenameComputer.ps1" 






  • Yes, I also have a Rename Computer custom tool that executes via Batch script instead of PowerShell that prompts for the new computer name and then renames the remote computer on a domain.