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Can't differentiate between Office 2013 and Office 2016

Computers with Office 2013 are being upgraded to Office 2016 but they continue to show up in the Office 2013 collection as well as now showing in the Office 2016 collection. I'd like the ones with 2016 to stop showing up in 2013 so I can tell which ones have finished the upgrade. I tried to follow a picture that was posted here for someone having the same issue in regards to Office 2010 and 2013 but in the row for "Computer - Collection - Is Not Member" I can't type anything in. There's no way to add a value for this like was shown in the picture. How do I do this?



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  • When you select Computer - Collection - Is Not Member you should see an ellipsis button at the end of the next field. Click that button and then select the collection you want to exclude.

    You may need to scrolll a bit to see the end of the next field.

  • Ah. That's what it was. Had to scroll way over to see it. It's working now. thanks!