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creating local admin account on remote pc

i am using LAPS.msi and trying to create local admin user on remote PC using this command "

msiexec /q /i <path>\LAPS.<platform>.msi CUSTOMADMINNAME=<name of custom local admin account>"

but it didn't create account. it did install LAPS package. is there way i can do both. i don't want to use GP to create local admin account. i have most of the Windows 7 devices.




Deployment 79 76-lt-hr01 Step 1.txt


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  • You could do this to create a user account on the computer and then add that user to the local administrators group. replace [username] with your desired username and [password] with your desired password.


    net user [username] [password] /add

    net localgroup administrators [username] /add

  • Found my 5y old batch :)


    :: create_local_PC_account.bat
    :: Create local pc account, password, description, disable password change, full name
    :: Password never expires
    :: Disable local built-in Administrator account
    :: Add new user to administrators group
    :: Remove new user from Users group
    :: NB! Beware plain text password. Set NTFS security on the batchfile or folder so only admins and the pdq sys account can open / read it.

    @echo off
    net user admin zuperzecretpass /add /comment:"Local PC Admin" /passwordchg:NO /fullname:"Admin"
    wmic useraccount where "name='admin'" set passwordexpires=FALSE
    wmic useraccount where name='administrator' set disabled='true'
    net localgroup "administrators" admin /add
    net localgroup "Users" admin /delete

    :: Some commands
    :: Create hidden admin account
    :: net user hiddenaccountusername supersecretpassword /add
    :: net localgroup "administrators" hidden /add
    :: Some other commands
    :: wmic useraccount where name='Administrator' call rename name='admin'
    :: net user administrator /active:no
    :: net localgroup "Power Users" admin /add