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  • Brigg Angus

    It doesn't look like there's been an answer to this yet. Here is how I would go about doing this:

    Create a Custom Scan:

    1. Open Inventory and go to File > Preferences > Scan Profiles
    2. Click New and name the profile something meaningful, like "Gotham Search"
    3. Click the Add button and choose Files
    4. Depending on your version of inventory, you're going to want to search for %SYSTEMROOT%\fonts\*gotham*.* or some variant.
    5. Click OK until you're back to the preferences window.

    Now, run the scan on all the machines you wish to scan.

    Create a collection:

    1. Create a Dynamic Collection and call it something meaningful; add the appropriate filters. (I added the file path in case there were other possible files with the name "Gotham" in them, such as the resident Batman fan).

    2. Right-click the collection created above and select Duplicate (Alt+Insert)
    3. Edit the duplicate collection, changing the name to "Machines without <font>", and change the collection filters:

    You should now have two collections: one showing which machines have Gotham installed and the other showing which machines do not have Gotham installed. By including the 'file path contains' filter, you can exclude machines you did not include in your original scan.

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  • John Q

    Thanks. It would be helpful too if there was an example of showing a sample collection where multiple fonts were not installed. Or multiple applications for example. Since it's not quite clear on how the logic works from where I've been looking, those types of examples I think would go a long way.

    For example, what about a collection that shows all computers that are missing Gotham-Bold and Gotham-Italic? Many fonts come in multiple files so having one is really rare so this collection wouldn't typically help in the real world. 

    or a collection that doesn't have BOTH Chrome and Firefox? 

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  • John Q

    For any others curious I believe this logic works for showing when multiple conditions exist or don't exist.

    Collection for computers that have both fonts installed. In this example one font is called "Lato-Black", and one is called "Lato-BoldItalic"


    And for those missing either of the fonts, we express:

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