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Check for file existence

When deploying software I am use to having options to check for existence as part of the package setup.   That way no matter what collection I deploy to, it only deploys if not already installed.  I do not see a way to do that with PDQ Deploy.  Is it possible ?  If not, can that be considered as an updated option ?   Thanks



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  • don't know exactly what you are trying to do but you may have to fiddle around to get the end result you are seeking. You can add a command line step to check if a file exists. You could also setup an inventory scan to check all the computers for a file to know if it exists and then filter your collections accordingly. It all depends on what exactly you are trying to accomplish and there is not just one way to do things.

  • i was hoping for a condition on the package to determine if the application existed already before it is deployed.  Would prefer not to use a collection for that since that makes the collection application specific.


  • Yeah in that case the best option is to use the collections. There is not application filtering at the package level.


    Think of it like this, the collactions help you see what you have and what computers are out of date or need software installed. You then use Deploy to push out the needed software to those computers. Once the software is installed or updated, the collections change to reflect it.

  • What I did was create a custom scan profile to check if the file exists.  Then created a dynamic collection to show me what computers didn't have the file.  I could then push out a new deployment to the computers in the collection PDQ just made?  


    Hope I understood your question correctly.

  • correct. for the package settings you want to set it to run the custom file scan you created after the package is deployed, this will update the dynamic collection after your deployment and any computers that now have the file will drop out of the dynamic collection leaving only the computers without the file.

  • P.S. one thing to keep in mind, when creating a custom file scan, only place the file scan in one profile. I learned the hard way by making a custom scan and also putting the same filescan inside the standard scan profile. If you have the same file scan in multiple scan profiles, the computers file info will not be accurate until ALL of the scan profiles with that file scan are run.

    So, for file scans, only put them in one scan profile. I made a custom scan profile just for file scans.

  • That's exactly what I did.  I read the other post were Shane helped you out.  


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