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Unable to create query for partitions of a specific disk drive


when I look at at the disk drives of a computer in PDQ Inventory 7.3 I see all the disksand the partitions with drive letters they contain. Unfortunately, I am not able to build a collection filter to see whether a disk has more than one partition or contains a specific drive letter because in the filter dialog neither "Disk drives" has a column for the "Disk ID" nor "Logical Disk" has a column for the "Drive ID". The specific filter I have in mind right now would be something like this:

"computers where a disk drive is a fixed hard disk and contains a partition which is the system disk and has any other partitions"

Additionally, partitions without drive letters are not visible at all. This would be interesting for partitions mounted on a directory, e.g. cluster shared volumes. For unmounted partitions, the "Disk ID" would be empty, for mounted partitions it would contain the directory path or the drive letter.

Would it be possible to add this in a future version of PDQ Inventory?




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