Dynamic collection based on domain's group user membership



  • Brigg Angus

    Hi Gabriel,

    It doesn't look like this was answered. If you've not found a solution, you could you provide and example of what you're looking for? Are you looking to compare users or machines or both? Are you looking at users' group membership to see whether the application should be deployed to their machine?


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  • GEM Packaging

    Hello Brigg,


    Yes, we found other solutions machine based with AD (not validated today by infrastructure) and kind of deployment on demand launch by user with txt file on server's share and powershell script to execute pdqdeploy silently. 

    Some questions :

    - Any way to use dynamic variable in package ? like retrieving %COMPUTERNAME% ?

    - Any way or plan to add computer to collection in command line ? Without having to write directly to database in SQL ?

    - What about executing some steps in package if previous step failed ? like message to user and dynamic variable like error description.

    - Custom email notification in package's step would also be nice.

    - We have DNS issue but don't have on DNS server. How could we handle this with just free hands on computers and PDQ Server ?


    Thanks for your nice tool and hope you'll keep on improving it !

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