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Memory used by Inventory

I am using the latest release of inventory and was wondering if we can use SQL Express rather than SQL Lite for the database so we can limit the memory used ?



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  • Hi Don,

    No, there isn't a way to do this. Both of our products are tightly integrated with SQLite.

  • So is there anyway to reduce memory used by inventory?  I have been recommending PDQ to all of my K12 public school customers and they typically have between 2000 - 7000 computers.  Inventory consumes all memory.   Anyway to control that ?

  • Hi Don,

    One of the best ways to help Inventory consume less resources in large environments is to increase the Heartbeat interval. The default is 300 seconds. For 7,000 computers I'd recommend increasing the interval to ~700 seconds. You can change the Auto Update Interval in Preferences > Network. 

    Under Preferences > Performance don't have concurrent scans set too high. I'd recommend using around 36 - 60. 

    There are also some performance enhancements coming in the next point release. If you'd like a test build of the release let us know and we'll send it out.


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