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List all IPs assigned to a NIC in PDQ inventory

Perhaps this is just a feature request since I can't seem to find anything in the application currently:

Can PDQ list all IP's assigned to each NIC?  In PDQ the only IP I can find is the one through which PDQ is connecting.   

Not to pile on the questions/features but I was also curious if these are in development/roadmapped:

An API, for extensions, plugins ect?

A web interface for PDQ inventory?

Basic SNMP and/or monitoring alert support?

Support of non-Windows based systems?

I run Spiceworks side-by-side with PDQ to fill in the gaps but I strongly prefer PDQ's management/interface and would love to just ditch Spiceworks entirely.

Do any options exist to become involved in the ongoing development of PDQ? As is, I stretch PDQ quite a bit using a combination of backend scripts and the builtin SQL reporting of the GUI (which rocks, btw), but this only goes so far.





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  • Hi Kevin,

    Sorry this comes late, as we realized this is more a question of us Admin Arsenal folk than the general community.

    Without going into details, including timelines and other definitive things, most of the features you mentioned are at least roadmapped

    For the particular request of pulling the IPs of all NICs, that is something that needs to wait until we implement another feature (a very cool feature). That will be coming sooner rather than later.


  • Have there been any updates to the requested features?  I am also interested in an SNMP collection similar to Spiceworks.

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