Should I install Inventory/Deploy on Server or Desktop?

We have a 2 person IT shop that has about 600 computers/servers.  We have 2 licenses each of Enterprise Inventory and Enterprise Deploy.  I want to know if its better to install these on the technician computers and share the databases or to install them on a single server?  

I see the benefits to installing this on a server as it will always be online for those late night scheduled deployments.  I am also wondering if there is a performance hit on the technician computer always having the Scans/Deployments going.  To me the server seems to make more sense, but wanted to check with you about the preferred or best practice way to set this up.  Thanks for your help.



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  • Since you have multiple licenses and are able to do the sharing I would go with that.

    Install it on all three locations, the license is not limited to where you install, its limited to the number of techs using the software. Install it on the server, and use the server as the main location that shares with the technicians computers. Install it also on the tech's computers and connect them to the shared database on the server.

  • I would have them setup schedules that run often on the server as to not effect their own machines performance and then they can still use their own machines to push out things as needed if its just a one time push type of thing.


    Thats when I'm doing (little harder without being able to share database, I only have one license) I have it setup on a server with all of the regularly scheduled things deploying from the server. I then have it setup on my laptop so I can easily push things out as needed while on the go right from my laptop or to generate reports.

  • OK thats perfect, thanks!

  • I too have it setup on a server and my laptop. However as Mmuni said, not having a shared database makes things a little harder. I find myself using RDP to connect to my server and push everything out from there. 

  • I have been using this setup (server and laptop) for the last few days and believe its the best option to use.  However its a little extra work seeing I can share anything with myself on the other device so I have to create packages/reports twice, but atlas the other technician can get to my shares.  Regardless this is still the best option to use.  Love this software!

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