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PDQ Inventory and Intel Vpro problems.

In my organization we have rolled out thousands of machines with Intel VPro. These machines will respond to a ping even when turned off. With VPro you can interface with the Bios, do IDE redirection, and other cool stuff.

Unfortunately this is causing all sorts of problems with Scanning, WOL, and Deployment. I’m a week into my trial and I’m pretty sure I want to try and convince my boss to purchase but I really got to find a solution to this.

Curious if anyone has a solution to this? Apparently there may be a way to use PowerShell to disable the Respond to Ping feature in Vpro. I'm going to try to figure this out because this may solve my problems. I logged into on and disabled it and things worked as intended. I just gotta find out how to do it for everything and make sure this somehow doesn't screw up current operations.

An interesting thing is the ping response for VPRO machine comes back with a TTL of 225 when powered off. A ping with the OS on is 128. If PDQ Inventory was able to use this information it could be able to determine if it is a Vpro machine.




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