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Feature Request - Prompt for "Scan Collection"

When you right click on a computer to scan it, There is the option to "Scan Computers" and "Scan Collection". The two options are right next to one another for convenience I am guessing. I dont know why, but recently I am selecting  "Scan Collection" instead of the "Scan Computers". Some of my collections are pretty big and I have to wait till all computers are queued and then abort the scan. Moving the the "Scan Collection" option may not be the simplest thing to do, but maybe adding a "Are you sure you want to scan this collection" option where you click yes or no could be a solution to prevent unwanted, unnecessary scans. I wanted to make a poll but that does not look to be a feature, so I will try this third-party site. If you dont want to vote, leave a comment below with your opinion. 

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