Tweak the Skype main filter

Currently the Skype filter only filterts for application name  starts with $(AppNameSkype) in other words "Skype".

So you could easy end up with

SKYPE = 50 computers

Skype (Latest) = 20 computers

Skype (Old) = 20 computers

Then... what about those other 10... latest and old should be a product of skype (total) right?

The reason in our environment is that "Skype Click to Call" will make that computer part of the list. Even thoug it does not have skype installed.
Skype Click to Call wil offcause not work without skype, but still a fair few computers did have that.

Offcause I could copy the Skype Collection Library group and modify it.. but then it is not a 100% Collection Library group maintained by PDQ :)




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  • We added a new Variable name called $(AppNameSkypeRegEx). When used with the Matches Expression comparison it does not evaluate any app that begins with Skype AND contains the word "click".

  • Great, thanx. It actually seems like you replaced the Variable, because I got a warning that I was using an non existing one. :)

    Changed it to AppNameSkypeRegEx and it works like charm.


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