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Show all computers with a disk drive < 20% free

I know that the scan collects this data, so we should be able to use it in order to create a Dynamic Collection. Please implement this!



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  • Just a heads up... we are planning on offering this in the Collection Library. We are working on some backward compatibility issues with earlier versions of Inventory before we can do it.

  • ive got this dynamic collection

    just pick "logical disk" - "free%" - "less than" - "20"

    and "logical disk" - "Device" - "Equals" - "C:"

  • Any update on this request?


    in fact, would love to get the collection report any drive that is less than X% utilization

  • Sorry for the delay. This has been added. New collections under

    Hardware > Disks in the Collection Library.

    It is important that you keep your Inventory version up-to-date. We also added tracking for .NET Framework versions (under Runtimes) and Inventory 6.2 or higher is required to properly populate these .NET collections.