Include Firefox ESR in Collection Library?




  • Shane Corellian

    Hi Philip,

    We have added collections for Firefox ESR. Here are a few things to remember:

    • The ESR Collections are under the Mozilla Firefox ESR collection
    • The regular Mozilla Firefox collections do not differentiate between Firefox and ESR. This means that machines with an ESR Firefox will still show up in the Mozilla Firefox (Old) collection.
    • Systems with the regular version of Firefox will still show up in the Mozilla Firefox ESR (Not Installed) collections.
    • The ESR collections will only evaluate ESR versions 31 or higher. This is because Mozilla started adding "ESR" to the application name in version 31 (thus making it possible to differentiate between Stable Channel and ESR Channel builds)

    Obviously you'll want to use the ESR collections with your Auto Deployments.



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  • P C

    Excellent!  Thank you for adding ESR to the collection.

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