Show DHCP status on Network Cards

I noticed that i have to do a PDQ Deploy with an IPCONFIG /ALL and look for DHCP Enabled = yes. There is no field in Inventory for this information.



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  • Hi Jayden,

    We are planning on adding this value to a future version of PDQ Inventory. In the meantime you can still grab this data (which computers have a DHCP address) using a Registry Scanner and then view the results in a report. You can see how to do this in this forum post.

    It's an older post but I just verified that both of the attachments can be imported into PDQ Inventory 5.

    Please note, I used a SQL Report for this. This is because I wanted one report to show two values in a very specific way. Otherwise I would have used a Basic report.

  • Is there any likelihood that this field will be added anytime soon?  We currently have a need to figure out which computers are using DHCP and which are not and this would have made that very easy.



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