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Screen Resolution

is it just me or is there no screen resolution info collected when scanning a computer. I even went in to try and make my own custom scan that picked up this info but was unable to.


I need to be able to scan all my computers for screen resolution. This is so I can then target the machines with incorrect resolution and push out a commend to correct it.



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  • We are considering adding this capability to Inventory but, as of this point, this data isn't natively available in the program.

  • C:\>wmic desktopmonitor get screenheight, screenwidth
    ScreenHeight  ScreenWidth
    900           1440
    900           1440
  • Thanks for posting. I should elaborate. We know where to grab it but our current custom (file and registry) scanners can't parse WMI. To do this via WMI you'd need two steps (which I wouldn't recommend). One to run a deployment package which extracts these values and then writes them to the registry. Step Two would use a registry scanner to collect that data that was written from WMI.

    We are considering placing this info natively into a video card scanner.

    We are also considering creating a custom WMI scanner.

    Thanks for posting.

  • Ok, thanks for the update.

  • Unfortunately the only way to get the data you requested is if there is a logged on user at the time of the scan. Otherwise Windows reports 1024 x 768. Since many machines are scanned when users are not logged on this method does not work well for PDQ Inventory.


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