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  • We will look into this. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to collect.

  • found a command that will give me the wireless ssid. i am trying to find a way to inventory this in PDQ inventory. I am stuck on doing this. the command will make a txt document with infomation.

    netsh wlan show profiles > c:\netinfo\ssid.txt

    for now i have added other steps to access these files easier until i can inventory them.


    mkdir c:\netinfo
    mkdir c:\netinfo\netinfo
    netsh wlan show profiles > c:\netinfo\netinfo\ssid.txt
    rename c:\netinfo\netinfo %computername%
    XCOPY C:\netinfo\*.* \\server\share /E /Y /I /O


    makes folder 

    makes folder in folder.

    makes file with info.

    renames file computer name

    and copies it to a location for editing or whatever.

    i am still trying to see what i can do to make the content of this file express in the name of the file.... ? any one have any ideas?


    thank you...

  • saw this in another thread which might be of use