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Citrix Receiver collection library

I would love a collection library for citrix receiver versions so i can autodeploy to computers running old versions.




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  • Would love to see this as well.  Considering its an auto deploy package in PDQ Deploy, it should be a no brainer for Inventory.

  • The collections have been added under Remote Control > Citrix Receiver.

    Inventory will consider the Citrix Receiver as installed if any application exists that begins the name "Citrix Receiver" or "Citrix online plug-in". It will only consider the latest version as being installed if the name begins with Citrix Receiver and has a version of (as of this writing).

    Remember that Citrix Receiver versions add 10 to the major version. So Receiver will show up in the registry (and subsequently Inventory programs) as

    Also note that machines that have the old Receiver (if they show up in Inventory as "Citrix online plug-in") may need to be uninstalled before installing the new version. There is a new Uninstall Citrix Receiver in the Package Library. It is version This should uninstall the old version just fine.