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Connect Computer to one or multiple collections

I missed a function where you could open a computer and connect it to multiple collections.

If you want one computer to be connected to 25 collections, you have to open all these 25 collections and add the computer.

Attached you will find a zip file containing a simple EXE, config, and DLL  file that makes it possible to do this.

Read the included PDF before using the program.

The reason one would want to connect multiple collections to one computer in one place, might vary.

My reason was that we initially wanted to have AD software groups where these groups would contain computers that were eligible for specific software. Example, a group called "eligible for Adobe Pro"

Then based on that crate two dynamic groups

1. Need adobe pro (Computers member of "Eligible for adobe pro" but do NOT have adobe pro)

2. Shall not have Adobe Pro (Computers that are NOT member of "eligible for Adobe pro" but actually have it installed)

So based on these two dynamic groups I could run install AND uninstall deployments from PDQ Deploy.

Since this AD link does not exist in PDQ Inventory, I found it most convenient to just scrap the AD group approach and replace it with static collections.

So now I have a static group called "Eligible for Adobe pro" and match "Need adobe pro" and "Shall not have Adobe Pro" against that static group.

In the end, different approach but same result.


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  • AdminArsenal made a little cahnge in the Collection.Type value from "Static" to "StaticCollection". This broke the app.

    New file attached. :)