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Dynamic Collection for SSD disk

How to create Collection with computers which have SSD disks?



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  • Hi Vladimir,

    SSD drives are reported the same a standard hard drive.

    Are all the SSDs from the same manufacturer? ex: Intel

    If so you can do filters on the model:  ATA INTEL SSDSC2BB48 SCSI Disk Device

    In this case: Disk Drive: Model: Contains: SSD

    Hope that helps


  • Thank you for quick response
    Unfortunately, i have more than 10 ssd disks types.
    And not all have "ssd" or "sd" in model name.
    I created collection with size, interface type and manufacture name filter, but that is not solution for me.



  • Hi Vladimir, if there is any characteristic about those discs that is unique you could query on that. If not, compare characteristics on your SATA drives and see if there is something unique there (size in bytes, manufacturer, etc.) You could then create a collection that shows discs that do not meet those characteristics. Let us know if you find something and we'll see if we can help you create a collection that will meet your needs.

  • Maybe solution is to add Media Rotation Rate as one more characteristic about disk drive in new version of PDQ inventory?

    And if value is not-rotating, then result is SSD.


  • I've attached the SSD Dynamic Filter that you need. I use this and it works perfectly for all SSD and SSD/M2 devices.

    enter image description here

  • I've attached the HDD Dynamic Filter that you need as well. This will help you separate your SSDs from your standard HDDs.

    enter image description here