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Webcasts in downloadable form?

I have two questions, First question is how to I watch the webcast live? Are they broadcast live on the admin arsenal youtube channel? I subscribed to the webcast emails however I have yet to receive any emails about the webcast and not sure If I will get one before today's scheduled webcast.

My second question is about downloadable versions of the webcast. I subscribe to many tech and security related podcasts already through Pocket Casts. The great thing about Pocket Casts is that all of the podcasts get downloaded automatically as they are released and ready for me to watch/listen to throughout the day. I can even switch from my phone to my computer and it will continue exactly where I left off.

I'm sure most of your viewers also subscribe to podcasts and would benefit from this, so they don't have to break away from their normal podcast app and remember to search for your latest show on youtube.



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  • Hi,

    Glad to help you get this one figured out.   

    To answer your first question, it looks like you signed up for our Webcast Mailer at 6:45 am and since we didn't do a Webcast this week or have an announcement sent out since last Thursday you likely didn't get anything yet.  If you don't receive anything next week please let us know so we can troubleshoot further.  

    For your second question we have our Live Webcasts already set up as Podcasts that you can find by searching for Admin Arsenal Live! or finding them at this link.



  • Got it, thanks It came up in Pocket Casts. I guess I must have searched for AdminArsenal the first time or I have no idea why it didn't come up but it did now.

    So the link to the live broadcasts are emailed out? It's a URL that stays the same?

  • No problem.  Glad you were able to find it.

    As far as the URL's for the webcasts, they change weekly and are sent out via email each week that we're doing one.

  • Is this no longer being updated?  or did the feed change when you switched to  It appears to not be bing updated for almost the last year.  podcasts are more convienient for me to watach/listen to over a youtube feed.