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Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security V8 built 1345

RE:Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security V8 built 1345.
We have a couple of hundred workstations that are still running above mentioned outdated security. Would it possible to create a package for us to uninstall the Trend Micro? We can provide you with install/uninstall files if you need them.

Brigg Angus suggested us to contact you guys.

Johan Tadjibaev
Network Admin, Aspire Health Partners.



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    You could use cscript to run the js file in a command step and attach the js file in that same step.

    The //B parameter runs it in "batch mode"

  • Scan one of the machines that has the software on it with PDQ inventory. Then look at the computers list of installed applications and see if it has an Uninstall command listed. If it does see if running that command on the machine actually works to uninstall.

    You can then just create a simple package that runs that uninstall command on each computer.


    Another option once you have the uninstall command is to highlight the computers you would like to remove it from and go to Tools > Remote Command (ctrl +alt +C) and execute the command on all the computers.

  • Thank you, unfortunately we bought only PDQ deploy app, so no Inventory. I created a Java script that actually works on the machines we want TrendMicto uninstalled from, however it needs to run locally, can I copy my script from from let's say \\domainname\netlogon  to a targeted computers and then run somehow?

    thank you