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Report for Has Application A But Not Application B

I'm trying to create a report that I suspect should be simple, but have been banging my head against the wall.  I want a report that outputs all computers with one application but not a second.  This would also apply to computers that have one version of an application installed but not another.  I've been trying the following filters:

--------Application Name Equals Program1
----Not Any
--------Application Name Equals Program2

Could somebody please guide me in the right direction?  Thank you in advance!



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    Hi Dan,

    This should work for you:

    ----Not Any
    ------Application Name Equals Program1
    ------Application Name Equals Program2

    The same would work for the Application version, though you could also do that with any of a number of conditions as well.

  • Thanks Brigg - if I'm reading correctly, it's basically the same as what I had setup but with the order switched around?

    I should have specified the output of my initial filter.  When I ran my version, I received a list of all computers with Program1.  When I run yours, I get a list of all computers with Program2.  Both seem to be ignoring the "Not Any" filter.

    For what it's worth, in this case I'm searching in particular for computers that have "Autodesk Revit 2015" (Program1) but do not have "Autodesk Revit 2017" (Program2) installed.  I used the "Equals" comparison in hopes of ensuring that the full name is searched and that the distinction would be made.  (And it does seem to be.)

  • Can you take a screenshot of your Filters tab please? I replicated what you described and it works for me. What version of PDQ Inventory are you running?

    This gives me all the computers that have Adobe Flash but not Adobe Reader. "Not All" and "Not Any" give me identical results.

  • Thanks Colby.  Screenshot below:

    I'm using  When I try running with your parameters, I again get only a list of Adobe Flash applications, same list with or without the Not All filter.

  • What happens if you create a Collection with the same filters?

  • Very good question!  If I right click the report and select "New Collection from Report" to ensure that my filters are identical, my list of computers is dramatically smaller and looks to be accurate.

    Further... if I right click the collection and select "New Report > From Collection", a report is generated that shows the correct computers listed.  If I save the report and open it again, it still lists the correct computers.

    And now I've figured out where the issue is arising.  It doesn't have to do with the filters, it has to do with the Columns.  If the only column is "computer name", the report generates correctly.  As soon as I add "application name", the filters no longer seem to apply correctly.

    Sorry that I didn't include my column information initially - I didn't expect that it would impact the results.  Is this an expected behavior?

  • Hi Dan,

    Take a look at this article to explain further.

    Why Don't The Results Of My Collection Match My Report (Or Vice Versa)?

  • Hi Jason - thanks for the article!  To some degree, that makes sense.  The difference that I'm seeing from my results as opposed to the article is that when I add the "Application Name" column, I am receiving results from all computers with Revit 2015 - no computers at all are being filtered if they do have Revit 2017 as specified.  My list doesn't contain duplicate computer names, so the number of rows isn't itself the issue but rather that I'm seeing results for more computers than fit the specified filters.

    Is there something about the "Not Any" or "Not All" syntax that causes problems with including application columns?  Alternately, I can add "Monitor > Display Model" to my columns which does return extra rows, but only when expected due to multiple monitors.


  • Huh, interesting. I can replicate your results. When I add "Application Name" to my Columns I get all computers that have Adobe Flash whether they have Adobe Reader or not. As soon as I remove the "Application Name" it goes back to giving me the small list of computers that have Adobe Flash but not Adobe Reader.