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PDQ Deploy and Windows Credentials cache

Hi everyone-

I've recently ran into a customer of ours where we were using PDQ Deploy to distribute a package and while we were deploying to machines that were remote/VPN connected it appeared that this would run fine, however after when the end user would go back to using that target machine, Windows Cached credentials would be cleared out.

I wasn't aware of this, but was informed that by default Windows will cache up to 10 credentials and this customer was limiting their machines to 2. My only guess was that if PDQ Deploy was running under a user which did or has not been on that machine before, it would "bump out" previously cached credentials when the "2 limit" was exceeded

I haven't ran into this before as an issue and the customer was not too concerned, but when the "Cached credentials" are cleared or bumped? the end user will have to wait until they have VPN access again.

Has anyone experienced this before?